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Small Engineering Limited: Specialists in engineering small parts

Precision Engineering
We currently supply a large number of UK based companies and welcome new enquiries from both new and existing customers.
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Since its formation in 1984 Small Engineering Limited has specialised in the manufacture of smaller turned and milled parts used mainly in the Electronics Industry.

Our CNC sliding head mill/turn lathes span the capacity range from tiny parts of less than 1mm diameter, up to a maximum of 20mm diameter on the larger machines.

We can produce both small and large batches economically.

We produce parts such as Electronic Connector pins, Terminal pins, special screws, Shaft type components including valves, etc., in most engineering materials including plastics. We regularly achieve tolerances of +/- 0.005mm (five microns) on diameter.

Small Engineering has the capability to efficiently produce highly accurate and complex components using the latest technology, resulting in a cost effective end solution within the required specifications

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