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Small Engineering Limited: Sub-Contract precision Multi Axis mill turning on Star CNC sliding head machines

Precision Engineering

Precision engineered components for the Micro-Electronics, Computer, Medical, Formula One, Audio Connectors, Valve Manufacture, Watchmaking, Model and Fibre Optics industries.

  • Precision engineering turned parts on a sub-contract basis.
  • Modern multi-axis CNC sliding head machines with sub-spindle and milling capability, with "lights out" production to reduce costs.
  • Microscopic parts (from less than 1mm diameter up to 20mm diameter maximum).
  • Wide range of stainless steel, ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials machined to order.
  • From small prototype batches up to high volume production runs.
precision engineering parts
Machine Capability Chart
Star SR10J
Star SR-20R (x2)
Star SA-16
Star SB-16E
Star SV12
Star SA16-RC
All CNC Sliding Head Production Lathes with magazine bar feed & sub-spindle, Live cross-milling & drilling & tapping
JBS Autocompensation Guide Bush Systems have been fitted to the majority of our Star CNC Lathes. This clever device automatically compensates for variation in barstock diameter and allows us to use standard bar tolerances, even on aluminium and plastics, without the need for the bar to be precision ground prior to machining, saving time and expense
Prototype and high volume production runs.
Complex slender parts.
Precision optical measuring device, complete with digital measurement
Measuring work pieces to
a very high standard
Stereo Bench Magnifier
Zoom Stereo Microscope
Quality Inspection Capabilities
Magnification 7x - 45x
Mantis Elite
Stereo Inspection Magnifier  
Stereo Viewing System

Wide range of magnification options (to x20)
Long working distances; large depths of field
Shadow-free true colour LED illumination
Swift Video
Measuring System  
2-axis video measuring systems, ideal for measuring 2-D features of small, intricate parts

Option of combined video and microscope measurement technologies
Master Centre Lathe
6" x 24"
Manual Centre Lathe, with digital readout on 2 axis
1 off and small batches of turned parts
Bridgeport Mill (x2)
Table size
48" x 9"
Manual milling machine with
Digital Readout, variable

General milling, prototype components and toolmaking.

We also have a wide range of NAMAS calibrated and traceable gauges for component qualification throughout the manufacturing process.
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